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Le 18/05/2018

Petition :


Issued by the Saint Andrews Collectif (1)
for the Agglomération Community Béziers Méditerranée
langue :

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The summary : (why this petition?)

The lotissement of Saint Andrews and Domaine du Lac, the Village d'Oc, the Golf of Saint Thomas are served by an impracticable road to the north and in poor condition in the south. However, all residents (150 families), vacationers and golfers need to move to or from this area. North to take the highway A75 or go north of Béziers, Pézenas or other places, South to go to Béziers or join the Zone of leisures. Since many years, all these people have been asking for standard and tarred, regularly maintained road, that they have not obtained. The municipality of Montblanc having little means, it is up to the Agglo to take into account this request who is legitimate, something that this community refused to do.
This path must also serve as a link between the north (N 9) and south (D 28) areas without having to make a detour of more than 12 kilometers.
By the number of our signatures we must demonstrate the importance of this subject.
For more details, see below ...
(1) The 'collectif' is a group of people (from lotissement and from golf)

French documents :

The presented project at the Agglo Béziers Méditerranée
The petition text in paper format      
The map      The table

   Le tracé complet

Refurbished and tarred link road request between the N 9 and the D 28

Other texts about this road on this site : News

This route is signaled and advised by Gps and viaMichelin to go from La Baume (Servian), on the N 9 to the road that connects Béziers to Bessan, the D 28. Partially paved, partly totally impassable, 3 municipalities own part of this route and have maintenance obligations :

  1. To the north the communal road n ° 10, way of the Serre (or path of the Fishmongers),
    1. Servian from the N 9 to the beginning of the scrubland (at the bottom before the climb),
    2. Montblanc for the suite that goes to the subdivision above the golf course (and continues towards Saint-Thibery)

  2. In the south, Béziers in its lower part since the subdivision and the golf of Saint Thomas until the D 28, this stretch is relatively passable and tarred but must be repaired correctly.

We ask the development in tarred axis while remaining modest in its width and in its possibility of soft circulation. A limitation at low speed is even necessary. It would be of course also, for the users, a guarantee in term of maintenance with in fine, a single interlocutor : L'Agglo Béziers Méditerranée. A degraded solution would be to consider in this project only the two parts to the north (Servian - Montblanc). This would amount to make the development only between the road N 9 to the lotissement, the Village d'Oc and Golf Saint Thomas.

Regular users (lotissement and golf) or less regular, we look forward to a sustainable solution to go north or south.

We are angry and do not understand that nothing is being done in this way.

Are concerned :

  1. The residents of this path
  2. The residents of the lotissement of Saint Andrews and the Domaine du Lac above the golf course (150 families)
  3. Holidaymakers and tourists of the Village d'Oc near the golf course
  4. Golf as a business and its staff
  5. The golf's restaurant and its external customers
  6. The golfers
  7. The inhabitants of the north zone to go to and return from the hobbies area Béziers Adventure and the amusement park (adventure forest course, mini farm, paintball, mountain bike etc ...)
  8. Others not known, tourists, vacationers, walkers, visitors etc...

The purpose of these trips :

  1. Go north or coming from, avoiding a detour of more than 12 kilometers for
    1. Join the A75 or return
    2. Go north to the mountainous areas or to villages north of the N 9, or returning
    3. Go to the golf or coming from
    4. Go to and from the Adventure park next to the D 28
  2. Go to Béziers, Bessan, in these directions or back

Note : the N 9 and D 28 roads are very important axes, and serve respectively the villages to the north or to the south. 

  Collectif de Saint Andrews - pétition

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(Demande de chemin de liaison réaménagé entre la N 9 et la D 28)

    Date :   15/06/2024 à 16:36:05

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